I was born to a loving couple who were married for 43 years in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. From elementary school, through high school and college at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I had perfect attendance. In high school, I was the Salutatorian of my graduating class and in college I graduated Summa Cum Laude at an early age. During my senior year in college, I was accepted at the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Law, but realized that my calling was in the Fashion and Modeling Industry. I then pursued a career in modeling that proved to be very successful and took me around the world.


My College house I lived in for 4 years.


I was an accomplished model when I  met and married Harry York, and spent the next 11 years of my life with him. When my marriage to Harry ended, I moved to Beverly Hills, California purchasing a beautiful condominium on Doheny Drive. I pursued my modeling career further and was blessed with even more success in the modeling career industry. I traveled to Asia, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, South America representing such companies as Motorola, IBM, Mercedes Benz, to name a few.

Harry and Myself in his plane

Harry and Myself


I then met Mitchel Goldman during the most successful and lucrative time in my modeling career.

Mitchel Goldman and Myself

My dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ava Shamban, had recommended I see Mitchel Goldman for my leg veins. You see, as a model, one cannot have imperfections. So I made an appointment to see this vein doctor in San Diego.

Upon my arrival to the office of Mitchel Goldman in San Diego, I was greeted by Mitchel Goldman. He was extremely rude from the first impression. He stated he could not laser my leg veins that day, because he did not have time in his schedule that date. When asked how long this procedure would take, he quickly responded: “ten (10) minutes.” I told him I had driven almost three (3) hours to get to this appointment. Mitchel Goldman rudely responded stating, “I don’t have time in my schedule,” and abruptly left the room.

It was the following week that I received a telephone call from Mitchel Goldman’s PR person, Dee DeTarsio. She asked me if I would come back to San Diego and have my leg veins treated at NO CHARGE. Ms. DeTarsio stated that Mitchel Goldman had been asked to do a national segment on Date and Dateline television regarding the leg vein treatment. Ms. DeTarsio explained that the television producers wanted a model on the segment. She explained I would discuss my modeling career on air.

I agreed to this arrangement, treating it as a modeling booking and getting my leg veins taken care of at the same time. The following week, I returned to that same office whereby I was filmed by an 18-man crew from the Day and Dateline production company.

The segment aired on national television with approximately eight (8) minutes of me discussing my modeling career and approximately two (2) minutes of Mitchel Goldman treating my leg veins.

Unfortunately, Mitchel Goldman only lasered one of my legs for the television segment, so an appointment was scheduled for my return to have my other leg treated on a different date. When I returned a few weeks later to have my other leg treated, in violation of the Medical Board of California, Business and Professions Code § 726 (BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE § 729) SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, Mitchel Goldman asked me to go out on a dinner date in the medical office at the time of treatment.

Little did I know, Mitchel Goldman had hired a private investigation firm to investigate me and all of my financial net worth. At the same time, he had another lady investigated, Elaine from Maui, Hawaii.

It was on the first date that Mitchel Goldman pushed a large stack of papers over to me at the dinner table while dining at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach, California. This 2-inch stack of papers revealed my net worth, brokerage accounts, stock certificates, real estate holdings, Deeds of Trust, and former divorce decree.

Dianne and Mitchel Goldman Wedding

February 14, 1997

Mitchel Goldman told me he was sorry for having me privately investigated because he stated: “I do not understand why someone as beautiful as you would date me.” He further explained, “[his] wife had left him for another woman and he had low self-esteem.”

I felt very violated by this intrusion into my financial life. I shared this intrusion with two of my closest friends. One friend, Mike Ornest, stated to me: “Do NOT ever go out with this man again!” The other friend, Melanie Goode, also stated: “Well his wife left him for another woman and that would cause the low self-esteem.”

Eleven years later I realized that I was robbed blindly by Mitchel Goldman. All of my real estate holdings I owned before I married Mitchel Goldman, which were “free and clear” real estate holdings were robbed by Mitchel Goldman. These real estate holdings consisted of a home, two duplexes, a condominium, and two commercial lots. These real estate holdings consisted of a home, two duplexes, a condominium, and two commercial lots. This resulted in my having to pay for all his family expenses, including child support, spousal support, legal fees, among all other support categories. I even paid for the braces on Mitchel Goldman’s crooked teeth. I litigated in private JAMS, Judicial Arbitration Mediation Services, court for my commercial building in the village of La Jolla, my ocean front home on Dolphin Place in La Jolla, and my businesses which were purchased with my pre-marital assets, only to be taken from me. Where is the justice, if not equity, in all of this? You be the judge.

The worst mistake of my life was marrying Mitchel Goldman, next was being ill advised to litigate a divorce proceeding in JAMS, Judicial Arbitration Mediation Services.