An Open Letter from Dianne

The purpose of this website is to try to shed some light upon a dark campaign of lies, misinformation, and distortions of truth.  It is not easy from a logical point of view to pursue this otherwise thankless task.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled to at least try and let you be the judge…

I never meant to harm anyone. If I have ever hurt anyone, it was unintentional and my most sincere apologies. It is extremely difficult for me to comprehend this mobbing mentality!  Why do some people enjoy treating others in such an evil fashion?

I cannot help but think that this man, woman or group of cowards who took the time and money to lie, distort and spread hatred about me, just cannot accept the fact that I had everything, was a very successful business woman; but made some very bad choices in men, who took everything I worked so hard for. They are determined to bring me down at all cost. Do you think they would have done this smear campaign to a man, perhaps? Where does one draw the line?


What have you gained from this my Coward friend? Can you sleep better now? Do you feel taller or maybe prettier now….?

I can only feel very sorry and sad for you and the people who believe you. I challenge you to come out of hiding and face me, anytime, any day.  Perhaps we can have a publicly televised debate where all the cowardly liars can confront me???  Please be careful and make sure to ask your lawyers . . .as, my purpose is not really to inflict harm upon you for your misguided, overly zealous efforts to demean my honor and integrity.  I believe you know where to find me, right? Or are you too scared and intimidated by true facts???

I am well aware of my liabilities for disclosing the truth and not hide under my mama’s skirt, as the Cowardly liar does. I am prepared to defend my honor, character, and the truth – no matter what it costs in lawyer’s fees.  This is not necessarily a prudent course of action for me and I have been advised to refrain from fighting against all these lies, mistruth and disinformation. However; I can only feel extremely sorry for the Cowardly liar and would rather have my honor and integrity intact; than be rich and famous with a cloud of uncertainty and doubts against my integrity.

Dianne York